Per questa Pasqua, abbiamo creato la Easter Box Nata Terra.

The good of oil

extra virgin and organic

Extra virgin olive oil
100% Italian

Sustainable and organic

Cold extraction

Social farming

Olio extra vergine 100% italiano
Sostenibile e biologico
Estratto a freddo
Recupero cultivar autoctone

Three extra virgin olive oils that tell
the territory and its cultivars.

Olio extra vergine
Fruttato leggero

Extra virgin olive oil with a light fruity profile

Cultivars – Leccino, Frantoiana, Sessana
Taste – Lightly fruitful
Hints – herbal, dried fruits, apple
Suggested uses – raw or cooked delicate flavors such as for salads or fish

This lightly fruitful Nata Terra extra virgin olive oil is cold extracted with a continuous cycle system, which enhances the sensorial characteristics of the Leccino, Frantoiana and Itrana cultivars. The sweetness of the oil and the herbaceous hints make it perfect for foods with delicate flavors, which must be accompanied by a condiment that enhances the flavors without overpowering them such as fish dishes, fried foods and bitter salads.

Olio extra vergine
Fruttato medio

Cultivar – Leccino, Frantoianam Sessana
Tastes – medium fruitful profile
Hints – tomato, artichoke, and a fresh earthy flavor
Suggested uses – grilled vegetables, cooked shellfish, soup or dips with legumes
like hummus, and mediterrean fish like anchovies or sardines

This medium fruity blend Nata Terra oil brings together the oils of the Sessana, Leccino and Frantoiana cultivars, enhancing the characteristics of each which produces a product that stands out for its hints of tomato combined with pleasant herbaceous and sometimes balsamic notes. The perfect balance between bitter and spicy make it suitable to accompany dishes with legumes, fish and shellfish, helping to give a strong personality to the dish.

Olio extra vergine
Fruttato intenso

Cultivar – Sessana
Tastes – intense fruitful profile
Hints – olive leaf, aromatic herbs, dried fruits, apple
Suggested uses – grilled fishes and meats, soups with legumes, vegetable
platters and desserts with chocolate

This extra virgin olive oil comes from the cultivar Sessana which is a champion of the Aurunco area. It is a beautiful golden cold extracted oil with a powerful fruity flavor. The strong and penetrating flavor is characterized by a pronounced aroma with very spicy notes, thanks to an important presence of antioxidants, makes it suitable to accompany dishes with a strong personality, such as grilled meats and fish, legume soups and chocolate desserts.

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Nata Terra extra virgin olive oil is the lively and tasty juice of cultivars such as Leccino, Itrana, Frantoiana and Sessana, grown with organic farming methods. The range of oil includes two blends of mixed cultivars and an oil with one cultivar, Sessana.