Nata Terra, olive tree pruning course for training and social inclusion

How are olive trees cared for? What does polyconic pot pruning mean? And why choose it? On Sunday 25 February starting at 9 am, at the Nata Terra oil mill in Cellole, with the help of agronomist Vincenzo Coppola, the first pruning course of the polyconic vase olive tree of the Nata Terra project, supported by the CON IL SUD Foundation, will begin.

The Nata Terra project promoted by the Osiride social cooperative which already boasts a long experience both in oil production and in social inclusion, is made possible thanks to a significant partnership with the Municipality of Sessa Aurunca, the Consortium for the Protection of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Terre Aurunche Dop, the Faculty of Agriculture of the Federico II of Naples, the New Server social cooperative, the Equo Guaranteed Association and the Slow Food Convivium Massico and Roccamonfina.

“Our project objective – explains Ciro Maisto, president of the Osiride Social Cooperative – is to promote social inclusion through job training which avoids the depopulation of rural areas and therefore revalues ​​uncultivated land and excellent productions such as extra virgin olive oil. of the Aurunche Lands. Our desire is to take care of the Earth and help the many young people who are also interested in this type of activity. Thanks to the project in the area of ​​the Nata Terra oil mill, an Agri bistro will be created to feed the short supply chain that connects the raw materials to the consumer and aims to unite the many small family-run businesses present in the area”.

“With the course of pruning in polyconic pots – adds Raffaele Carotenuto, manager of the Frantoio Nata Terra social agriculture project of the Osiride social cooperative – we will operate by simplifying the pruning interventions while respecting the productive state of the plant, simplifying the subsequent harvesting and safeguarding the safety of the operators given that pruning allows interventions to be carried out from the ground, avoiding the use of ladders which often causes injuries”.

Il video della giornata del corso di potatura è stata organizzata in partnership con la condotta Slow Food Massico e Roccamonfina. Questa iniziativa è parte del progetto che portarà anche alla nascita dell’Agribistrò Nata Terra, è sostenuto da Fondazione CON IL SUD.