Nata Terra extra virgin olive oil
on Lodo guide 2022

In the second half of the 1980s, a project was born that over time will become a real symbol in the olive field. Thanks to Marta Cartoceti, a new era began in 1991 by gathering a small group of enthusiasts who will take part in the Orciolo d’oro contest, the oldest contest dedicated to the world of extra virgin olive oil. In the beginning, who was called to judge was not an expert in the sector but only someone with a particular interest in the field but, it is precisely since 1991, that the jury will also undergo changes: it will be composed only and exclusively by professional tasters. Currently, starting from the previous experience and the great work done over time by Marta Cartoceti, the daughter Manuela Vigo and her husband Vincenzo Federico Petisi have created Lodo a project created to give visibility and authority to the best extra virgin olive oils in the world with need and the goal of proposing something different and new and that makes the path in the olive growing context extraordinary.
The oils that take part in the project are subjected to a careful selection and Lodo identifies itself in a rigorous and careful process in which value is given to a complete context capable of distinguishing itself from everything that is extremely commercial; therefore, it is about exclusivity and excellence. In the 2022 edition, Nata Terra becomes part of the Lodo Guide with an Excellent score of 90/100. Great result after hard work in the field and in the mill, studying and putting into practice all the knowledge acquired in these first years of the company’s life to give life to Nata Terra organic extra virgin olive oils. Nata Terra oil begins to travel far from our land, bringing with it the stories of social agriculture, the stories of identity of the people who work in the company and the redemption of a territory mistreated by criminal economies. Nata Terra, another land, was born and is making its way showing a new model that combines quality and social sustainability.